A packaging designed for technicians

An interactive collaboration and a strong expertise for a customized packaging

Together we started a process of reflection and exchange, which allowed us to develop a truly customized packaging.
We had the opportunity to test the prototypes in the laboratory, to explain our needs to the design office. This allowed us to optimize the protocol. The upper flap of the box can thus be folded around the box once opened to save space: the technicians' benches are sometimes narrow.
It is also thanks to the advice of JFD Packaging that we have printed the usage protocol on the packaging: the one who handles the information is always in front of his eyes. However, the main difficulty was the conditioning of the test tubes. We have therefore designed a rack with "help" to facilitate and secure transport and use.

You can find the details of our testimony on the JFD Packaging website.

> Website : http://www.jfdpackaging.com/actualite/biomaneo--un-client-jfd-packaging