Biomaneo is a French biotechnology company, dynamic and innovative with an international focus :

  • Created in May 2016
  • Designs and markets medical devices combining mass spectrometry with IT solutions for interpretation and data management
  • High throughput screening and diagnosis of various pathologies

A committed team :

  • Fitted with a double skill : Biology / Informatics
  • To support you in your projects of development of new clinical applications and complex data processing
  • To deal with public health issues

Biomaneo is member of :


Biomaneo develops biological and software solutions to improve the screening of pathologies.

From samples to final results, through analyses and data organization, Biomaneo automates data interpretation to give biologists an additional tool in their studies.

Biological solution

On the cutting edge of innovation, Biomaneo offers analytical kits, based on fine analysis of biomarkers by mass spectrometry.

A technology allowing, from a dried blood sample, to give a result of analysis faster and more specific than current methods.

We adapt these solutions to large-scale screening of various pathologies. These solutions are:

  • Easy to use
  • With a high throughput analytical rate linked with standard quality
  • Adjustable according to the screening facility characteristics
  • At a competitive sample analysis cost
  • With an after sales service and a personalized training service.

IT solution


Biomaneo offers two types of IT solutions.

The first, NeoScreening®, is closely linked to the biological solutions we offer. The data extracted during the analyzes are integrated in a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) allowing a complete computerization and a traceability of the data and the processes of screening since the taking of information with the patients (clinical and epidemiological data) until the rendering results.

In addition to the screening modules, NeoScreening® includes data management modules that can be quickly adapted to all software and hardware configurations encountered in screening laboratories (clinical databases and results reports).

Biomaneo® also offers, Midaas, an SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) reserved more specifically for your research and development projects. Designed to handle heterogeneous data, it is able to manipulate data from multiple instrumentations and classify results using decision trees.

Midaas also makes it possible to share your data with your partners thanks to its follow-up of the modifications of the data while being scalable closer to your needs.


Research and Development

Our R&D team, composed of biologists and IT engineers, is an expert in the development of innovative analysis tools dedicated to mass spectrometry and associated computer solutions. We closely work with academic research teams and rely on strategic experts to drive our innovation program.

In addition to sickle cell disease screening, we are developing new solutions to screen for other blood disorders. We also focus our innovation programs on the diagnosis of various cancers and degenerative diseases.

For Biomaneo, technology watch is a priority in order to always remain at the forefront of innovation in mass spectrometry for a continuous optimization of the use of mass spectrometers.


Public Healthcare and patient benefit

  • The patients ‘safety and benefit are our highest priority.

Trusted relationships with our customers and providers

  • We fulfil European and Worldwide regulatory requirements

Product quality

  • The safety and quality of our products are at the core of our developments through all manufacturing and control steps. Our quality management system allows improving continuously our processes
  • We are always listening to end-user suggestions or criticisms to ensure continual improvement of our products
  • Develop strong collaborations with industrial and academic partners

Internal values

Respect - Trust – Involvement – Innovation – Flexibility



Kunihiko Koriyama

President & CEO of Biomaneo

With 19 years of experience in corporate management, sales, marketing, and service business development, Koriyama San has established a strong foundation in the field of Analytical & Measuring Instruments. He initially started his career in sales in Japan and later expanded his expertise to India and Singapore. During this time, he diligently focused on providing exceptional customer support, with a particular emphasis on the pharmaceutical, clinical, and diagnostics sectors.

Founders – Managers

Patrick Ducoroy

Business Development Manager

Co-founder of Biomaneo, Patrick is in charge of Business Development. With a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Patrick spent 10 years managing an academic proteomics platform, and has solid expertise in protein analysis and mass spectrometry.

Valérie Geoffroy

Project Management | Regulatory Affairs Manager

Co-founder of Biomaneo, Valérie is in charge of project management and quality and regulatory affairs.
Valerie has 30 years of Research and Development experience, shared between the pharmaceutical industry and academic research.

Biological Team

Marven Elosta

Biology and Pre-Sales Group Leader

Engineer in Nanotechnologies and Nanobiosciences, with 8 years of experience in mass spectrometry, Marven is responsible of the R&D biology team. Marven is in charge of the innovative developments and projects dedicated to mass spectrometry and analytical solutions.

Yann Gouriou

Biological Engineer

Engineer in Cell Biology and Biochemistry, with 8 years of experience in proteomic analysis coupled to mass spectrometry, Yann is in charge of the technical follow-up, the installation and the training of the analytical solutions developed by Biomaneo. He is also involved in the development of new analytical solutions, within the R & D team.

IT Team

Camille Secula

IT Developer

Camille holds a 3-year higher education diploma in Computer Science (DUT Informatique + Professional Licence in Web Development). He works mainly on the development and maintenance of applications dedicated to the screening of neonatal diseases, in close collaboration with the biology team. Camille also carries out customer installation and after-sales service operations.

Pierre Naubourg

IT Group Leader

PhD in Computer Science, with 10 years of experience in IT development, Pierre leads the Biomaneo IT team. Pierre is in charge of the technical evolution of software solutions in line with scientific advances.

Cédric Pinte

IT Developer

Holder of a Master MIAGE, Cédric works mainly on the creation, evolution and maintenance of data management applications aimed mainly at facilitating the management of clinical data and comparing different sample analysis methods.

Quality Team

Cassandre Devos

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Group Leader

Cassandre's main missions are the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and ensuring product compliance with current regulatory requirements.