Biomaneo offers solutions of global analysis with high technology "plug & play"

  • Easy to use
  • With an analytical rate for very high throughput associated with quality norms
  • Including an IT solution that allows to improve the traceability of the screening process
  • Flexible according to the characteristics of the screening center
  • With a sample cost analysis at a competitive rate
  • An after sales service and a service devoted to expertise and customized training 


NeoSickle® kit for a high throuput sickle cell disease screening


Biomaneo's NeoSickle® solution enables screening of children with major sickle cell syndrome using mass spectrometry. 
produit.jpgMore specifically, the NeoSickle® analytical solution of Biomaneo makes it possible to carry out the classification of newborns, based on the analysis of dried blood drops.

Biomaneo offers two solutions: 
•    A plug and play automated high-speed solution “NS540” 
•    and a low-flow manual solution “NS96”.
NeoSickle® is integrated into the NeoScreening solution that combines the benefits of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with the efficiency of an onboard data analysis system.
In addition to a complete management system dedicated to the screening of the sickle-cell disease (user Management, traceability and rendering and validation of the results), NeoScreening allows the exchange of data with software used in the screening laboratory, in particular software allowing the recovery of clinical databases, as well as biological results servers. Its modular development allows to adapt it in a quickly and efficient way to software and hardware encountered within screening laboratories.

Another range of products in Research and Development

analyse (2).pngOur R&D and IT teams are developping new kits for other neonatal screenings and diagnosis.




IT solutions integrated

Biomaneo offers IT tools (LIMS) for the management, the traceability and the analysis of experimental data associated to clinical data.


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For each application clinically targeted, Biomaneo develops an automated interpretive software of the data gathered by mass spectrometry to give additional information level to the biologists before the final validation of the result.